The pathogen responsible for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.

P r P l which changes shape with that of a natural protein present in the organism, the cellular prion , but does not change its amino acid sequence. Under certain circumstances, at the exciter the P r P l is in contact with the original proteins which take on the shape of proteins. The infectious protein accumulates accumulates in the central nervous system, it destroys neural mass and makes the brain of affected animals on a sponge form in which the term spongiform diseases comes accept.. The pathogen responsible for transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, also called prion diseases is known, a protein that is as infectious prion , which produces no nucleic acid and infectious known known different types of animals.

This work can also enable progress in the development of reactive agents for the diagnosis of diseases which are due to the prion, reached so far only postmortem was prepared.To theorize that Plk1 testing one key to development of cancer, the researchers examined one Plk1 inhibitor of BI 2356 the name at both human cancers and mouse. Both tests were some cancer cells exist whilst others having lost PTEN.

In both instances respond responded to the active ingredient without P th. be lost in later stages of prostate cancer cells of Pten Xiaoqi Liu. That means that the Plk1 inhibitor may a good medicament for treating of such tumors. .

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