The paths operate over a number of signals.

The paths operate over a number of signals, in which proteins, such as kinases, are known to activate other cellular machinery to a certain result, such as to achieve expression of specific genes or the actions of the cytoskeletal proteins. During the same stimuli can diverse responses in different types of cells to produce, the researchers believe they core to core to different paths to achieve final results.

The model is is based on similarities in the signaling pathways cells use to process information based. These pathways translate cells external stimuli, such as hormones, drugs or other molecules most important questionsn. – ‘Cells undertake behavioral functions – proliferation, differentiation, death – in response to stimuli in their environment,’said Lauffenburger. ‘The signal paths are the biomolecular circuits process information from the environment and adjust the mechanisms which perform the behavorial functions.’.##This version of is published in German.The Institute’s website, to date with easy information about current medical developments and research on important health any questions. Held if you would like up-to-date of the the recent publications by on independent health information website you can receive the newsletter.

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