The process required to conduct the review.

‘. ‘.. The process required to conduct the review, including data collection and analysis, and a review of completed consultancy reports and discussions with the staff who completed these reports. In addition, Health Strategies & Solutions, interviews were conducted with a variety of parties, including Caritas guide local health centers, hospitals and other Massachusetts hospital systems and insurance. ‘We have the cooperation we received from Caritas management and the Board of Governors to appreciate during this review process, and we hope that the resulting report helpful, it is, as they continue their work to serve the community, ‘said Attorney General Coakley.

The report summarizes the findings of the review and make recommendations with regard to a number of priority issues of charity. – ‘Caritas does not only critical medical care for thousands of Massachusetts residents, but it also plays an important role in the maintaining competition among hospitals in Eastern Massachusetts that are necessary to restrain soaring health care costs,’said Attorney General Coakley. ‘This report is a useful and practical basis for the Caritas continue to address the challenges and to achieve stability. Addressing the issues outlined in the report is not only necessary for the communities Caritas serves but also for the stability and efficiency of the region health system.Overall, nearly half of extremely premature infants serious disabled, such as learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and impaired vision or hearing have.

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