The results are meaningful.

The results are meaningful, Basak said, because they show that multi-dimensional training can affect many individual components of cognitive functioning. – The fact that you think training people in a molecule and finding transfer to atoms I is very impressive, she said. – This is a mode in which older people stay mentally fit can, cognitively fit, Kramer said. I’m not suggesting that the only thing they should do, .

Both groups were in front, developed during and after the video game training on a variety of tests to executive control functions judges measure the tests included measures its ability to distinguish between tasks, their short-term visual memory, their reasoning skills and their working memory, which is the chance As a groupwo or more pieces of information in memory and use the information as required must be changed. There were also tests of the subjects verbal memory, her ability to certain reactions and their ability to an object that was shot, had a more or less of its original position inhibit identify – ..The Chair honor of in honor of the NFCR founder of Tamara and Franklin Salisbury, to recognize a senior scientist on the level of teacher or a professor that one active an active career in research around the world and those who is demonstration outstanding performance at basic research for Research on Cancer.

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