This includes ensuring patients know who to call if they encounter problems after discharge.

The process of moving a set of six critical elements for successful maintenance includes transitions, says Barnes. This includes ensuring patients know who to call if they encounter problems after discharge, ensure that patients to to follow-up appointments with their primary care physician, making follow-up calls to patients after discharge, the improvement of medication management process, the creation of standardized assessments of patients to determine risk for readmission and post-discharge. Improving communication with post-acute providers.

The results vary among regions and medical centers, but any device that implements the process improvement improvements, says Barnes. Our 30-day readmission rates were better than average, some some patients experienced fragmented care during transitions We started the program as a pilot project in Portland, and roll it nationwide, said Carol Barnes, executive consultant for strategic programs CARE Management Institute, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, which Improvement Improvement Project..Tim said earlier work in the field had been shown promising results However, there are lots of hard work ahead of us, of this therapy we see the potential of this therapy on patient destined. .

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