This new view of the brain to an economy or an ecosystem can be compared.

This new view of the brain to an economy or an ecosystem can be compared, rather than a computer, said Reed. Computer networks are designed by engineers to use a finite set of rules and solutions to solve problems. But the brain, like other natural systems, works by trial and error.

For an embryo to grow a tissue, a tissue, must share his cell. When one of our cells divides membrane that surrounds two, the membrane that surrounds the cell nucleus – has to be reduced and then rebuilt after the chromosomes have pulled apart – the nuclear envelope. Can take place for this remounting, a protein called BAF has called phosphates, chemical tags away. Modifying of a protein phosphorylation – the possession or lack of phosphate tags – can be to the activity of proteins that add phosphate, proteins double-action phosphate, or both. The EMBL scientists discovered a new molecule that acts as a traffic cop stopping a protein by adding phosphate tags to BAF and brings in another protein to remove the existing tags.Researchers discovered such is a hormone in the intestinal the rate at of the gastric drained of and thus suppresses hungry and feeding slowed down. Results of of the veterinary trial have at of the Endocrine Society ‘s 94th ANNUAL MEETING ON in Houston presented. The gut hormone glucagon-like peptide 2 or GLP-2 acts through a neurotransmitter and tweaking stomach emptying rate – as presumed – its receptors action in the brain, said head of the study, Xinfu Guan, & Alerts Professor of Paediatrics and Medicine on the Baylor College of Medicine Houston.

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