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Artificial humans will make animal testing obsolete nearly Tissue engineering and organ growing functions are leaving the realm of science fiction and entering human being reality. The future of life-saving organ transplants hinges on organ farming technology which runs on the patient’s preexisting tissue as ‘seed’ to develop fully working organs click here . Remarkably, this technology is operating. Tengion, a biotechnology company located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has already created a working ‘Neo-Bladder.’ The artificial bladder comes from a patient’s personal cells and grows around a scaffold.

* High costs – Arthritis results in over 1 million hospitalizations and 50 million outpatient visits every year, resulting in over $100 billion in direct costs and $50 billion in indirect costs . * Risky complications – People with arthritis think it is hard to be physically active, which increases the risk for chronic diseases. More than 50 % of sufferers with heart disease or diabetes possess arthritis. While exercise is essential, studies also show that the pain, fear of pain, concern with worsening the symptoms or damaging the joints, and lack of information on how to exercise are the main points that keep sufferers from exercising safely.

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