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‘to heal To properly, bone cells must first be a ‘matrix’which cures later or ossified, ‘said Donohue. ‘This is first formed as soft tissue containing biomolecules, which is unique to bone, which later hardens or calcifies all here . Alcohol affect the composition of this matrix by suppressing the formation of osteoblasts and / or a reduction of their ability to respond to signals that. Normally trigger bone formation after a fracture ‘.

Are dose dependentit the formation of new bone cells, osteoblasts, thereby decreasing bone formation – show human, animal and cell culture studies have shown that alcohol is a toxic effect on osteoblast activity are dose-dependent. Human studies, human studies, alcohol alcohol is the most important effect is the formation of new bone inhibit ‘said Chakkalakal. ‘In these studies, bone loss due to chronic consumption of excessive alcohol consumption – was generally greater with larger alcohol dose and / or prolonged consumption the dose and duration of effects in experimental models, – that is, greater than about 100 grams per day. Where a more accurate determination can be made, provide support for the findings in human studies. In cell culture studies, in which bone-forming cells production of different in a liquid, production of various biological molecules which is suppressed in the formation of bone matrix in the living organism to contribute when alcohol is added. Suppression at higher doses, and at very high doses cell death occurs. Cohol can suppress synthesis of an ossifiable matrix fracture healing fracture healing.

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