To published to the February issue of of Journal of Clinical Nursing Research.

-dialysis community responds to Haiti Emergency Plea For Life-Saving Dialysis ServicesAs a result of an earthquake that this country has devastated the Caribbean, the U.S. Kidney mobilized mobilized rapidly with the collection of millions of dollars as well as dialysis equipment, drugs, supplies and clinical staff in the provision of life-saving care Haitian survivors with renal failure and assist in emergency treatment.

He believes it. A concerted effort to take from the public, health professionals and healthcare funders, provide better prevention and treatment of MOH But he stressed: It can sometimes be difficult, for the patient will spend a physician, the time, energy and skill them them escape from the prison medication overuse. .. – Medication overuse is a major clinical problem and a significant source of headacherelated disability in Canada, according to to Professor Werner J Becker of the University of Calgary.Young is nearly twice as often as girl to fire themselves and Kids under three years old of special dangers, to published to the February issue of of Journal of Clinical Nursing Research.

– ’72 % of the burned the victims were under the age three years,’says lead author Anna Carlsson. ‘We believe in the kitchen, this is because child at that age often to stay closer to your parental while they cook and be view more exposed to risks until the age of three children reached a better understanding the concept of the threat. None of the kids were ‘scalds Unidentified deaths among children. ‘By hot bath, a danger often in other studies and one of the primary causes of burns The principal reason of this result could be that hot tap water is not more than 55 degrees Celsius because of the danger because of the the risk of infection out of Legionnaires’ disease, ‘explains Anna Carlsson..

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