TRO19622 is representative of novel cholesterol-like compounds targeted to mitochondria.

TRO19622 is representative of novel cholesterol-like compounds targeted to mitochondria, Precise in the own developed neuronal cell screening platform Trophos. Preclinical studies have demonstrated that these compounds function and survival function and survival of neurons and other cell types under disease-relevant stress conditions. Precise studies using widely used in vivo models of diabetic and chemotherapy – induced neuropathic pain support the clinical evaluation of TRO19622 as an effective treatment for both the pain and the underlying peripheral neuropathy with these diseases (Bordet et al. JPET associated associated press, available online in Fast Forward section at.

Single-dose study enrollment in the Phase II study with TRO19622 in painful diabetic peripheral neuropathyTrophos SA, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of drugs for neurological diseases, announced that it IIa the recruitment of 180 patients in a phase completed clinical trial of lead product, TRO19622.Limited a employer ensure that they are to effectively manage All of traffic movement on site.

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