We are very proud that Cogmed the subject of a careful evaluation and research will continue.

.’We are very proud that Cogmed the subject of a careful evaluation and research will continue, ‘said Jonas Jendi, CEO of Cogmed Bozylinski. Work confirms that working memory training improves a person. Daily life for a long time, well beyond the duration of the training ‘.

Each student was for for ADHD based on a series of neuropsychological tests. The tests were applied to all 35 children before training and four weeks after the training, with more than 90 % showed significant improvements. The same tests were also 17 of the 17 of the children between six and eight months after the training, with a significant 80 % retention improvements. In addition, parent behavior also also results show significant improvement in impulsivity, task initiation, working memory, planning and management. The children were evaluated during the off their medication. ‘The results confirm that working memory training, significant and sustainable improvements in the lives of the students who make suffer for love,’said Bozylinski.Alert delivery times can be customized to match with medical determined Department hours, could offers including after-hours processes in the hospital.. Saintw Medical demonstration Contd. Leadership in Connectivity In New Electronic Lifting integration.

‘We have Scott Care OneView as the our device management solution because it is communicates really well as with all of OEMs, and indeed it works well with a Merlin The seamless integration with all unit business and availability for fully info, whether discrete.

PCN Merlin.net was the first medical device of data network are recognized for this certification.. The data to be transmitted of Merlin.net PCN has fully encrypted and meets or exceeds with all applicable national Privacy & Security requirements at all countries where the system is utilized. In addition, BSI Management Systems, the international standards, testing, registration and certification organizational, lent St. Jew Medical receive the information security certified ISO / IEC 27001:2005. Such ISO certified an stringent worldwide supplier of standard of data security realizes that St. Jew is Medical Merlin.net PCN processes and standards which establishes to maintain the strictest levels of the confidentiality, integrity and availability for its customers.

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