You are looking a patent on the process.

You are looking a patent on the process, and in the hope of finding a corporate partner.Egg whites are a good tool because they and and cheap, and they are transparent, allowing researchers to see the cells under a microscope. – ‘It seemed a good idea and we thought we’d try it,’said Kaipparettu.

‘.. The use of three-dimensional cell cultures have become so important that the National Cancer Institute tumor tumor microenvironment network with emphasis on studies of the cellular microenvironment – the strongly to found Kaipparettu Austria and in collaboration with others in – – three-dimensional culture systems and encouraging initiatives to improve techniques. Cheap, chicken eggs that they both normal and tumor cells to grow in three dimensions allow. ‘We have known for centuries that a baby chick to grow in three dimensions in an egg shell without any external support is known,’said Kaipparettu.every day , we pour millions tonnes of untreated wastewater and industrial and agricultural wastes at the world water systems. .. Human activity be responsible for the unparalleled soiling which water resources, a great deal of disease and Infant mortality rate, the poor paying the highest costs. Focus of focus of the United Nations to compliance with the World Water Day the has the subject Clean Water for a Healthy World . Compliance – the hosted on through Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and of the UN Environmental Programme – started to with a message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Shigeru Mochida the deputy Executive Director shall Read the Secretary of ESCAP.

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